10 reasons why we shuld leave office at 6PM!!!

  1. Employment letter stated that working hour finish at 6.00pm
  2. Work is a never-ending process! Even you stay until next morning you will never finish it!! LoL... :)
  3. Human are not robots/machines have to rest or else it will facing breakdown problems
  4. You love your career, but your family is even more important in your life.
  5. If you failed in your life, your boss is not going to be the one who gives you a helping hand whereas your family would definitely offer help.
  6. Monthly salary = Works from 9am - 6pm
                      if 6.30pm = RM0.00 + 0 Bonus + 0 Ang Pow + 0 apreciation + Bad Health + Bad Social Life + Poor Family Relationship

                      Equals to : Unproductive Empleyee + Performance Drop + Company Reputation Drops + Retrenchment Rate Increases + Resignation Rate Increases...

  7. You do not want to screw up or make your life miserable because of your job
  8. If the person who disagree to the above formulation, we think he/she is a loser who has no life, heartless, doomed workaholic, etc. He/ She deserves the 'Best Employee of The Year Award" !!!!
  9. You don't give a damm if your boss fires you
10. For the Chinese, remember this : ' House in the east no longer keep you, then just move to the west house'


Muahahaha..adoiii..nak gelak baca ni..hurm...CR kalo rajin sangat dok buat OT kan, nanti mak CR SMS camni... " haa..mai balik amik bantai busuk,tilam selimut smua bawak dok kat opis tu!! " kihkhkih... ayooooo...very the sinis my mak k...

~~ C.H.O.W ~~

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